The 'A.R.G.O.' Project (the human resources accreditation to grant occupation) aims at recognising and emphasizing the skills acquired not only throughout formal and informal training programs, but also through working experiences, in order to allow people to access higher secondary formation courses, that is to permit the recognition of one's professional skills at a European level. This acknowledgement will certainly favour mobility on the territory, but, a more general ground, will permit the comparison between different professional training and educational experiences, with no homogeneity aim.

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EU Leonardo Program
Link to the official Leonardo Program

Italy, France, Spain, Bulgaria, Germany together in partnership to certify touristic competences


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AITA has produced simple synthesis of ARGO project to start dissemination
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ARGO Newsgroup
Reserved Area for partner and Joint People.

ISFOL Italian Agency
Isfol manage Italian Leonardo Program
Verona final meeting to conclude the project. Organized by LS Galiei and CPV
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PGP and FEMP  host Argo  meeting in Madrid. Testing of results and publications.

Thierry  visit
Verify project objectives and basic competences.

Paris Meeting
Central meeting in Paris with CR2I organization.

 Naples Meeting
 kick off meeting.
Argo start from Naples      read more

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